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Terms for using Money Back MOTO

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Please review these terms to understand how using Money Back MOTO works.


Money Back MOTO ("MBM") is a free service offered by 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC designed to help the motorsport community earn money back from their online purchases while providing revenue to 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC.

Please read all of the terms on this page to ensure you understand what you're joining and to realize just how awesome it will be to earn money back on those online purchases you normally complete. By joining MBM you agree to abide by these terms.


MBM earns a fee for qualified purchases from companies with which MBM has an affiliate relationship. MBM offers a part of that fee back to MBM members in the form of a money-back check. MBM focuses on the motorsport community offer two types of affiliate companies from which to purchase products: (1) Motorsport related companies and (2) general merchandise. MBM has a two-fold goal: (1) to offer the motorsports community a place to get money back from the typical purchases they complete online and (2) to earn revenue itself in exchange for offering this free service. The amount of money back varies based on the affiliate's money back program. It's very important to realize that the money back amount is determined by the net purchase amount (this excludes any taxes, fees, shipping costs, returned items, canceled purchases or anything in addition to the product being purchased). Affiliate companies determine which products are part of their money back program. On occasion an affiliate may exclude products from the money back program. Please understand MBM cannot control this.

For this to work, MBM members (referred to as 'motos') simply log into their MBM account then click on the link or banner of their favorite stores. This part is important -- anytime a moto wants to earn money back they need to come to first and click their links. To register purchases to their MBM account, those purchases need to be made before leaving the affiliate's website -- otherwise the association to your MBM account may be lost and the purchase may result in lost money back. The technical process requires that you allow cookies to work on your browser. If you prefer not to allow cookies then we recommend you do not join MBM because you'll be frustrated thinking you're earning money back when you won't be.


Please understand that by joining MBM you accept these terms of use.

You need to be of legal adult age to join MBM -- this is 18 years or older. You agree not to commit illegal or fraudulent acts in conjunction with your MBM use.

To join you must provide MBM an email address so MBM can communicate with you for various reasons, but mainly to tell you when you have earned the minimum amount for a money-back check to be sent to you. Once joined, you will need to provide some additional information that will allow MBM to get your money-back checks to you.

To join you merely provide an email address and create a password. In an attempt to ensure only humans are joining, MBM will send you an email with a link to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you will need to update your profile so MBM knows where to send money-back checks and to whom to write those checks. MBM will only use your email address to communicate directly with you and will refrain from sending useless SPAM. MBM will not give or sell your personal information to any other organization.

As with any other service, MBM reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice and to determine who can become a member of MBM.


We can't emphasize the need for solid security practices. With that in mind it's quite important that you maintain security of your password. When you join, the account is yours and MBM appreciates if you don't share your login credentials. Thanks for understanding!


As you can imagine, it's pretty darn challenging to get any money-back rewards to you if MBM doesn't have the necessary contact information. This is why you need to provide (and keep current) your name (first and last), mailing address, email address, and a name of who money-back checks are payable to.

Affiliate companies send payments to MBM using their own payment cycles. When MBM receives its payment, MBM will then determine which motos have earned money back and write checks to those motos. MBM typically send money-back checks to motos when they have accrued $5.00 (U.S. dollars) in earnings and send those checks on 1 May, 1 August, 1 November and 1 February. Please ensure checks are promptly cashed or deposited. Any money-back check not cashed within 1 year of issue will be canceled and any money-back dollars will remain in the moto's account until the next round of payment is sent.

MBM will make every effort to send motos their earned money back, but reserves the right to delay payments if associate companies have delayed their payment to MBM.


Sometimes MBM will need to communicate with you via email. We will not abuse this privilege but require that you accept this procedure. MBM limits its communications to only those required to enhance a moto's MBM experience and increase their chances of earning additional money-back payments. If you prefer MBM did not contact you, please contact MBM and request your account be closed.


Membership is not guaranteed and MBM offers no guarantees of money-back earnings. Using the MBM service is strictly optional, but to use the MBM service one must abide by this agreement. Any violation (determined by MBM) warrants immediate termination (so let's not do anything illegal, harmful, doubtful, or fraudulently so motos and MBM can earn some money back).

MBM cannot control the policies of the partner affiliate stores; therefore, MBM is not responsible if a partner affiliate store determines not to offer a payment for any particular purchase or removes themselves from its partnership with MBM. MBM will do its best to explain and show to motos why any affiliate withholds a payment for a purchase.

Taxes you accrue from money-back payments are your sole responsibility. MBM recommends you consult your tax representative for any tax-related questions.

MBM is free and offers no guarantees on your success or failures with the program nor does MBM have any liability regarding affiliate stores advertising practices and procedures -- MBM can't be held liable for problems created by affiliate companies. MBM can terminate the program for any reason and without notice. MBM is an online service and is therefore subject to internet access problems -- MBM doesn't guarantee the service will be accessible 24 hours a day. MBM will do its best to restore any interruptions in the service in a timely manner.

Motos agrees to indemnify and hold MBM, 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC, affiliates, officers, directors and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, made by any party due to or arising out of Moto's use of MBM.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona, without reference to conflicts of law rules. As a condition of the use of the MBM service, you (the Moto) agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within Maricopa County, Arizona and therefore agree to file any grievance or suit of any kind exclusively in the courts located within said county.

Should any part of this agreement be found invalid it will be enforced to the highest possible level. Invalid parts do not invalidate the remaining portions of the agreement. MBM offers no waivers to any part/provision of this agreement.

Happy Moto-ing!

24 February 2016

Rick Forristall
Creator, Money Back MOTO
Owner, 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC