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Money Back MOTO is an exclusive program for motorcycle riders. When you make online purchases, you get some money back--it's pretty darn easy. Whether you're buying motorcycle stuff or other items, you can get money back.

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You're asking, "But how does it work?" Here's how:

  • We've partnered with these stores and they reward us financially for sending them customers who buy stuff
  • When you buy anything, the store:
    1. Knows sent you there
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  • Finally
    1. Rewards you by giving back 50% of our reward to you

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Rick Forristall developed

Rick owns 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC and writes web-based applications for a living. He started riding motorcycles in college. He rode his 1973 Honda CB 350 from Somerville into Boston's Wentworth Institute of Technology. He took a 30-year hiatus from riding while he was in the US Air Force. Then in 2011 motorcycle riding beckoned his return and Rick bought a brand new 2011 Triumph Bonneville SE and was hooked, again.

Rick writes the Motorcycle Melee blog and buys most of his motorcycle-related stuff online. He is a programmer analyst for Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona and has developed online applications for a variety of his 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC clients. He currently rides a 2015 Yamaha FZ-09.

4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC has partnered with a variety of online retailers who offer money back when 4 in 10 sends customers their way. Rick decided he'd like to offer this as a service to the motorcycle community -- giving a healthy 50% of that money back to fellow motorcyclists.

Thus was born.